TechNology Partners

The most important aspect of adding a technology partner to our vendor network is trust.
Our automation partners frequently rely on our solutions to complete their most critical business tasks.
With this in mind, we select only the most dependable solutions to ensure our partners receive the best service possible.

Percentage of Tasks that can be automated:
Average Automation Time-Savings:
Average Cost Reducation:

Four Simple Steps To Get Started:


Our team works with you to uncover the processes within your business that can be automated and streamlined.


Create a workflow so you can assess the ROI and advantages prior to development.
We will present a PoC (Proof of Concept) at this stage to demonstrate immediate value.


Develop the process with all the “what ifs” and triggers in consideration, so that you can begin to reap the rewards as soon as it is deployed.


Implement your bots so you can concentrate more on activities like relationship management and customer engagement, where humans naturally excel.

We help you focus on what matters

Eden Automation’s mission is to eliminate redundant tasks.

Automate routine tasks so you can devote more time to client and customer interaction, relationship management, and other human-centric activities that drive growth.

Our Partners report reduced costs, increased employee happiness, retention, and productivity.


Faster than humans


Cost Savings


of Business Processes can be automated


Time Employees spend on repetitive tasks